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Pediatric surgery can cause both you and your child great anxiety. At the Surgery Center of Fort Collins, we want to make sure that you – and especially your child – are prepared for it. Doctors will give you detailed instructions on how to prepare for your child’s surgery, but here are a few things that you can do that will help ease everyone involved.

Days Before Surgery:
• Schedule a tour of the Surgery Center of Fort Collins to make your child feel comfortable when he/she arrives
• Remain calm and be honest. Children often take cues from their parents when it comes to how to feel about a situation. If you show your worry or fear, your child will become the same. Remain calm and answer any questions your child may have about the procedure truthfully.
• Young children may benefit from reading books about being in a hospital, like Franklin Goes to the Hospital. You can reference these types of stories if your child has questions.

Night Before Surgery
• Let your child help pick something comfortable to wear to the appointment. Let your child wear pajamas if that is what he/she is most comfortable in.
• Pack items that will help put your child at ease. Depending on their age, that might be a favorite blanket, stuffed animal or pacifier. An older child may want to bring their phone to play video games.
• Give your child a bath. This will help him/her to relax. It’s also a good idea because there’s a strong possibility your child may not be able to bathe for a few days after surgery.

Day of Surgery
• Keep your child’s normal morning routine so they feel that their day is like any other
• Allow your child to enjoy some of their favorite activities at the Surgery Center like reading, coloring or playing video games to keep them entertained and distracted.
• Assure your child you will be there during the times you are allowed, and even if you are not in the room, you aren’t too far away.

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