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Living in sunny Colorado has a lot of benefits: from the great weather, to 5,683 miles of trail systems in the state, to amazing views, we are lucky to call this state home. Colorado also offers 300 days of sunshine a year, which means there is ample time throughout the year to enjoy the hiking trails, weather and views. Need more of a reason to get outside this fall? The great outdoors offers numerous physical and mental health benefits.

  • Spending time outdoors can improve your sleep. Light can help your circadian rhythm, or internal clock, reset itself and get back on schedule. Ever notice when you spend all day in a dark room, you can’t get to bed that night or your next few days-worth of sleep are funky? It’s because your internal clock got off schedule. Sunshine can provide the necessary light to help your body reset.
  • People who spend more time outdoors tend to exercise more. Whether you are taking a walk, going on a bike ride, swimming at your local reservoir, or just simply sitting on your back porch practicing some mindfulness, individuals who spend time outside tend to be more active.
  • Increased Vitamin D levels can boost your immune system, and we know how important your immune system is these days. Just 15 minutes a day can help keep you healthy, as well as improve liver, kidney, and bone health.
  • Getting outside can help those with anxiety and depression. Sunshine can increase your serotonin levels, which leads to a boost in energy and keeps you calm and positive. Many individuals who struggle with seasonal depression tend to struggle during the winter when the sun is less prevalent, especially in regions like the Midwest or Alaska. Individuals who grow up in Colorado and then move to places with harsher winters tend to feel the affects of a lack of sunshine.

So, what are you waiting for? Take advantage of all of the amazing outdoor activities that Colorado has to offer this fall.

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