Treating Glaucoma with Surgery At the Surgery Center
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As part of our wide range of services, the Surgery Center of Fort Collins provides exceptional attention for your ocular health. The Surgery Center of Fort Collins offers comprehensive ophthalmology services and surgeries for patients in Northern Colorado, performed by leading ophthalmologists in the area. Our staff of medical professionals are dedicated to providing personal, tailored care in a safe, comfortable environment.

Eye exams should be considered a part of your overall annual health routine. However, there are symptoms that require immediate medical attention. Such symptoms include blood in the eye, blurriness, flashes of light, headaches behind the eye and spots. If severe, some of these symptoms may need to be eventually treated with surgery.\

One of the more common ocular procedures that can be performed at the Surgery Center of Fort Collins is for Glaucoma.

Glaucoma: Glaucoma is a degenerative eye disease caused by pressure on the eye’s optic nerve. If left untreated this pressure can result in vision loss and even blindness. In its early stages, glaucoma may be treated with medication. If the condition is severe, glaucoma surgery is likely the best solution. There are multiple surgery treatments for glaucoma. The less invasive procedures include microtrabeculectomy, internal trabecular bypass and certain laser procedures.  The more invasive procedures include trabeculectomy, iridotomy and iridectomy.

Side effects from glaucoma surgery will depend on the procedure you undergo. Symptoms may include eye redness, irritation of the cornea or infection. Once your surgery is done you should see your eye doctor to monitor your eye pressure and other signs of your glaucoma.

If you believe you may need glaucoma surgery, contact an ophthalmologist. In the event that you may actually need the procedure, please call the Surgery Center of Fort Collins for more information. We do perform ocular surgical procedures for patients, and they are often more affordable and less stressful to have done at our ambulatory surgery center as opposed to in a hospital setting. Call 970-821-8634 for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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