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It used to be that surgeries were always done in a hospital. A patient would be required to check in either the night before or day of their scheduled surgery and then stay for at least the following night.

Over the last few decades ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) have changed the way patients and healthcare professionals approach surgery needs and experience. The Surgery Center of Fort Collins is an ambulatory surgery center. We are a licensed medical facility that focuses on providing same-day voluntary surgical procedures in a comfortable, hospital-like setting.

Ambulatory surgery centers have turned a high percentage of inpatient hospital care to outpatient care. That means many surgeries or procedures that were traditionally done in hospitals can be done at an ASC in a day’s visit and do not require a formal overnight hospital stay.  A few examples of surgeries that can be performed in an ambulatory surgery center are biopsies, ACL reconstruction, hernia repair, gastric bypass weight-loss surgery and cataract surgery. The Surgery Center of Fort Collins specializes in, but is not limited to, general surgery, gynecology, neurosurgery, otolaryngology, plastic surgery and podiatry.

Despite how the name sounds, ambulatory surgery centers do not offer emergency services. The ambulatory definition actually relates to walking. Many people might think of ambulatory as associated with ambulance/emergency, but that’s not the case. Patients who are treated in an ambulatory surgery center are expected to be well enough to go home (walk out) after their procedure, although it is recommended you have a friend or family member drive you home.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers Provide Patients Convenience and Lower Costs

The growth of ambulatory surgery centers can be largely attributed to clinical advances in technology, lower surgery center fees and a better patient/doctor experience.

Ambulatory surgery centers, like the Surgery Center of Fort Collins, provide patients many benefits versus hospitals. For one, hospitals can be very stressful for patients. Just the thought of needing to go to one can be unnerving for many people. This is especially true for children. Entering a hospital for young ones can be intimidating, and the thought of spending a night away from parents can be troublesome for both the child and parents. As soon as a patient enters our facility–young or old–we make every effort to ensure they feel comfortable, understand everything that is going to happen and feel satisfied with the service. The knowledge that a patient can go home after their surgery to heal in their own bed and home is a comforting feeling right from the beginning, too.

Ambulatory surgery center costs are less than having a procedure done in a hospital. Simply the fact that there is no overnight stay makes the cost for outpatient surgery much less than having it done at a hospital. The expenses associated with overnight hospital room stays can be nearly as high as the surgery itself.

Convenience is also a big factor when choosing an ambulatory surgery center. Scheduling is far more reliable at an ASC because there isn’t the disruption of emergency surgeries. As long as the circumstances are under their control, ASCs are able to control the surgery schedule. Additionally, because there isn’t an overnight stay, there is less stress and disruption to a patient’s daily routine and family obligations. A patient will still need to take the time to recover from surgery, but being at home might alleviate them from getting a babysitter or allow them to work from home.

Finally, because surgery center doctors don’t have the overarching demands from a full-scale hospital, they are able to spend more quality time with patients, offering a much more personalized experience than one would receive in a hospital. At Surgery Center of Fort Collins, nurses and administrative staff are all part of a patient’s health care team, so they will be familiar with a patient’s case before they even step through our doors. As a physician-owned facility with varied specialties, the doctors at Surgery Center of Fort Collins are able to select and ensure that the equipment used is the best choice for their procedure and specialty. We are able to tailor the work environment to the needs of our patients.

Ambulatory Surgery Centers Are as Qualified as Hospitals

Ambulatory surgery center standards are on par with those of hospitals. Highly skilled and qualified physicians and staff provide treatment and care. ASCs are required to be licensed by the Department of Health and Senior Services under state law and are held to many of the same regulations as hospitals. The physicians of the Surgery Center of Fort Collins are board-certified and must pass an arduous review before performing surgery at the Center. ASCs also must abide by disciplined maintenance programs to uphold a sterile operating space in order to prevent any risk of infection. Regular evaluations of procedures and environment ensure that the highest quality of care and safety are being delivered.

With the high quality and personalized environment an ASC provides, along with skilled staff servicing patients in a comfortable, less stressful environment, we are confident you will be satisfied with the ASC experience.

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