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Cataract removal surgeries are very common. If your doctor has recommended this procedure for you, our surgeons at the Surgery Center of Fort Collins can take care of you! Our surgeons are experienced, knowledgeable, and can save you hundreds or thousands of dollars. The average cost of a cataract removal procedure with the lens (at the Surgery Center of Fort Collins) is $2,840.

Do I need cataract removal surgery?

A cataract is the clouding of the lens of the eye. This causes blurry vision and can make it difficult to complete daily activities such as driving or working. Cataracts often don’t affect the patient in the early stages but will continue to worsen over time. If you find it difficult to read, watch TV, drive, or bright lights make it difficult to see due to your cataracts, your doctor may recommend removing them. The procedure may also be necessary if it affects your doctor’s ability to examine the back of your eye for other eye problems such as macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy.

The treatment for cataracts is a removal procedure. However, waiting to have the surgery done usually won’t harm your eye. For this reason, cataract surgery is considered an elective procedure and can be performed in an outpatient facility such as the Surgery Center of Fort Collins.

What happens during cataract surgery?

The cataract removal procedure involves removing the cloudy lens and replacing it with a lens implant, called an intraocular lens, or IOL.

IOLs are made of different materials and have different features. The implant will become a permanent part of your eye, and so your doctor will discuss with you ahead of time which type of IOL is best for you. They can be made of plastic, acrylic, or silicone. Some block ultraviolet light or can help correct astigmatism. You will meet with your doctor about a week before your surgery is scheduled for an ultrasound to measure the shape of your eye and determine the appropriate lens.

The actual procedure itself typically takes about an hour. The surgeon will make a small incision on the side of the cornea and insert a tiny tool that will use high-frequency ultrasound to break up the center of the cloudy lens and then suction it out. This lens will be replaced with your IOL. A few stitches may be needed to keep the incision closed.

What does cataract surgery recovery look like?

You will be able to go home after your procedure to finish recovery. The Surgery Center of Fort Collins requires that you have a responsible adult available to drive you home, and we recommend that you have someone stay with you during recovery as well.

In the first few days following surgery, your vision may be a bit blurry as your eye heals. But you should notice improvements fairly quickly. Colors may also seem brighter. You will have a few follow-up appointments with your doctor to monitor healing, but most often, patients are completely healed in about eight weeks!

To assist with healing, you may be provided with an eye patch or shield to wear on the day of surgery or while you are sleeping. You should avoid touching or rubbing your eye, even if you feel slight discomfort or itchiness, as this is normal.

Cataract removal surgery at the Surgery Center of Fort Collins

If you decide to have your cataracts removed at our facility, you will receive a preoperative phone call a few days before your procedure to verify your medical history and give you instructions about when to stop eating and when to arrive. You can also ask any questions that you have at this time.

You may be given local anesthesia to help you relax during the surgery. Cataract removal surgeries are usually about one hour. After your procedure, you will be able to finish recovering at home.

If you have any questions regarding a cataract removal surgery or what procedures are available at the Surgery Center of Fort Collins, please call us at 970-494-4800. Our surgeons are some of the most qualified and experienced in the northern Colorado area. We are now open again for surgeries after the COVID-19 stay-at-home order.

  • February 9, 2021
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