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Physicians choose the Surgery Center of Fort Collins (SCFC) because they value the support they will receive from our highly skilled team of nurses, surgical techs, sterile processing radiology techs, as well as our business office professionals. Our operating rooms are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment. The Surgery Center of Fort Collins offers patient services and quality care that allow people to feel comfortable and have peace of mind.

Safety First: We work diligently to maintain a sterile environment for the safety of our patients. We are proud to claim a 0% infection rate, and our average complication rate was less than 1% in 2016.

Timely & Reliable: Unlike hospitals that see emergencies, SCFC has the advantage of controlling the surgery schedule every day and are able to staff accordingly. Every effort will be made to insure an on time surgery start however, there may be times when issues out of our control will cause minimal delays (i.e. complications during a prior case, physician running late, etc.).

Pain Control: Your comfort is a top priority. SCFC is the first surgery center in the northern Colorado area to pilot protocols for specific procedures, to pre-operatively help reduce and control pain, nausea and vomiting after surgery. The nursing staff and anesthesiologist will work with you through a pre-procedure screening process (E-preop) to identify an individualized care plan to increase your post-surgery comfort.

Personal Attention: At SCFC you are valued as a person, not a number. As a physician-owned center, we are dedicated to making our focus on the patient. We consider your physical and emotional needs throughout your treatment.

Patient Satisfaction: We monitor our patient satisfaction surveys each day. We have a solid track record of patient satisfaction. 96% of patients surveyed have confidence in the care they received and 95% of patients surveyed would recommend SCFC.

Lower Costs: As an ambulatory surgery center, we do not have the overhead of a hospital that serves emergency surgery and those underinsured or not insured. Therefore, we’re able to perform procedures at a much lower cost with the same high level of care.

Intimate, Comfortable Setting: The Surgery Center is outfitted with a welcoming waiting area, operating rooms, plus fully equipped preoperative and recovery room areas. Patients find the Surgery Center easier to navigate and much more calming than a hospital. We also have a snack menu, television, a separate small play area for children and we are located near a walking trail and shopping.