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  • If the patient is a minor with a non-parental guardian, legal documentation of guardianship must be presented. Surgery will be canceled if the surgical consent form is not signed by a legal guardian or appropriate official CO state licensed personnel.
  • If you have power of attorney for the patient, legal documentation must be presented. (link to form)
  • Please compile an accurate list of medications you have been or are currently taking, including prescriptions, herbal medications, over the counter medications, diet drugs, illicit and/or recreational drugs, if not already reviewed by our nurses.
  • Children who are patients are encouraged to bring a special toy or blanket.
  • Young children are encouraged to bring an extra pair of pajamas and undergarments in case the ones they are wearing become soiled or wet.
  • Bring a storage case for contacts, eyeglasses or dentures.
  • If you use inhalers, please bring them.
  • If you are scheduled to stay overnight in the recovery center, please bring any personal items, medications in their original pharmacy bottles or toiletries you might need. A shower is available for overnight patients.
  • Bring all insurance, Medicare and Medicaid cards, government issued photo ID and any method payments due at the time of surgery. (Link to billing instructions)